Following are authors who plan to attend the 2017 Book Festival. Click on their names to go to their author feature here on the site. (Please realize there is always chance of unexpected illness, etc.)

Author Registration: We are accepting registrations from authors who live/work in the West PA area. So far, this is a local area author event. Our space is limited and we accept new authors on a first-come, first-served basis. Please email staff [at] to request a registration.

2017 Attending Authors

Amy Bovaird - Inspirational non-fiction, Travel
Gloria Clover Speculative Christian Romance, Contemporary Romance (unable to attend on rain date)
Cathy Coulter - Children's Fiction and Non-fiction
Peggy (Loughner) Fisher - Non-fiction (unable to attend on rain date)
LK Hunsaker/ Ella M. Kaye - Women's fiction, New Adult lit/romance, Children's Fiction
Larry Ivkovich - Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
Bill Kemp - Non-fiction (Christian Living, Church Health), Literary Fiction
Mollie Lyon - Women's Inspirational Fiction
Rhonda Paglia - Children's Fiction (unable to attend on rain date)
Shawn Riniti - Suspense, Thriller, Psychological, Paranormal
D. R. Sanchez - Children's Fiction, Poetry, Fantasy, YA, Creative Non-fiction
Anne M. Slanina - Children's Fiction
Arlon Stubbe - Contemporary Fiction, Religion Fiction
Daisy Beiler Townsend - Inspirational Non-Fiction, Historical Fiction
Robert D. Woodley - Mainstream/Sports/Fantasy/Mystery

2017 Attending Groups

Mercer American Legion Auxiliary will be selling hoagies

[If you are part of a non-profit literacy-related group and would like to attend, please email us.]

Our 2016 Festival Authors

Don Achenbach & Ammy Achenbach -
Children's fiction
Ann Antognoli - Inspirational fiction
Cindy Bingham - Christian fiction
Anissa Clay
- Young Adult fiction
Gloria Clover - Speculative Christian Romance, Contemporary Romance
Burton Cole - C
hildren's Chapter Books
Cathy Coulter
- Children's Fiction and Non-fiction
Kevin A. Elliott - Fantasy, Science Fiction, Religious, Poetry
Peggy (Loughner) Fisher - Non-fiction
Miles Gregory - Amish Fiction
LK Hunsaker/ Ella M. Kaye - Women's fiction, New Adult lit/romance, Children's Fiction
Gene Jordan - Historical Adventure Fiction
Ellen List - Children's Fiction
Mollie Lyon - Women's Inspirational Fiction
Vincent Paul Mirabella II - Science Fiction
Ronald K. Myers - Futuristic, Action/Adventure, Horror/Humor/Historical Fiction
Kathy Otten - Historical Romance
Rhonda Paglia - Children's Fiction
Stephen V. Ramey - Literary Flash Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy
D. R. Sanchez - Children's Fiction, Poetry, Fantasy, YA, Creative Non-fiction
Scott Schafer - Children's Fiction
Anne M. Slanina - Children's Fiction
Thom Thomas - Dickensian Fiction
Robert D. Woodley - Mainstream/Sports/Fantasy/Mystery
William A. Wright and Dale Ann Edmiston - Mainstream/Inspirational/Adventure

2016 Attending Groups

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Our 2015 Book Festival Authors

Cindy Bingham - Christian fiction
Amy Bovaird - inspirational non-fiction (did not appear due to unforeseen circumstances)
Gloria Clover - speculative Christian romance, contemporary romance
Burton Cole - Christian children's fiction
Cathy Coulter - children's fiction and non-fiction
Peggy (Loughner) Fisher - non-fiction         
LK Hunsaker/ Ella M. Kaye - women's fiction, literary romance, children's fiction
Gene Jordan - historical adventure fiction
Liana Laverentz - romance and non-fiction
Mollie Lyon - women's inspirational fiction
Catherine E. McLean - fantasy, adventure, romance
Vincent Paul Mirabella II - sci fi
Babs Mountjoy - sci fi romance, romantic suspense
Kathy Otten - historical romance
Rhonda Paglia - children's fiction
Ann M. Slanina - children's fiction
Leann Smith - children's fiction
Daisy Beiler Townsend - inspirational non-fiction

The following groups were represented at the 2015 West PA Book Festival:
Grove City Historical Society (Website)
Mercer County Head Start/Pre-K Counts (Website and Facebook)
Lakeview Library (Website)

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