Friday, June 12, 2015

Author Feature: Peggy (Loughner) Fisher

PeggyLoughnerFisherMy name is Peggy (Loughner) Fisher and my daddy died when I was 7 years old! Throughout my life I have loved my daddy and always thought of him as MY HERO. After I saw the movie “Unbroken”, I began to start to get a ‘glimpse’ into REAL war. My daddy’s actual words of what he went through followed along the movie very closely. I started writing this book to acknowledge history, to remember MY memories as a 7 year old, to hand his story down to his future generations and to honor my daddy and family for what they all endured. This book was written from the heart and I hope you enjoy DADDY CAME HOME!

PFisher-DaddyCameHomeDaddy Came Home
Memoirs of Earl Loughner, an American POW who survived the Bataan Death March