Friday, July 13, 2018

Author Feature: Darrick Dean

For someone who has loved reading and disappearing into fantastic worlds as long as he can remember, Darrick Dean took a slightly different path to creating his own worlds. He earned his engineering degree from Geneva College, published articles on space exploration in publications such as Ad Astra and Space Times, and contributed ideas to NASA’s Space Exploration Initiative. Unfortunately, NASA never used his plan to dispose of nuclear waste into the Sun.

Fascination with space travel wasn't the only thing shaping his mind. The other was history, particularly the ancient kind. Exploring the legends of ancient America and other lands, he soon realized much had been forgotten about our past.

Then he discovered the fantasy realms of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and George MacDonald. He asked the questions, “What if not all in myth is fiction?” and “What if the lines between history and legend can be blurred?” His first novel, Among the Shadows, was born as the answer to those questions.

Among the Shadows is the first of the Watchers of the Light trilogy, to be followed by Awakening and Scourge. The Servants of the Flame duology, Fallen and Wielder of Fire, will be set in the same universe.

“History warns us. Legend fascinates us. Imagination drives us. Authors take these and create worlds that entertain, provoke, and warn. Ultimately, even fiction is about the Story we all find ourselves in.”

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