Monday, June 27, 2016

Author Feature: Ann Antognoli

Ann Abraham Antognoli was born and raised in New Castle, Pennsylvania. The sixth child of Lebanese immigrants, she learned to love story-telling as a child because her parents always told stories to teach life lessons. She earned a Bachelor of Science in English from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and a Masters in English from Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. She taught high school English for over twenty-five years and lives with her husband David in New Castle, PA. She and her husband are the parents of Jason, Erin, and son-in-law, Andy.

High-minded literature lifts the world from darkness to light.

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Quotes from The Sunny Spaces:

“God gives us the right to love, and love obligates us to soar.” Ava Panetta

“Did you ever notice that the people who genuinely like who they are rarely cause others grief?” Jim O’Brien

“We all need second chances. God gave the world a rainbow after the flood.” Ava Panetta

“Smiling with warmth, the weathered woman stood and bowed. She reached out and clasped his hand and ran her fingers over the dog tags. He kept his eyes fixed on her and nodded as she spoke in a gentle but deliberate tone. She ended saying, “Di trong hòa bình.” (The war is over.)

Author Feature: Scott Schafer

Scott Schafer was born in 1979 and resides outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Since the age of five, he was very artistic, drawing different characters, and decided to take a chance at writing a children's book in 2001.

After researching self-publishing, he finally published his children's book in 2014. Although he grew a fondness for acting and writing sketch comedy, putting the book aside for so many years, the release of his book revived his ambitions for art, illustrating and writing.

Scott trademarked the IMAGINOGGIN logo for his children's books and will continue to write and illustrate books for many years to come.

His second children's book, THE DEViOUS MR. MISCHIEViOUS, was released in May 2016, and has been reviewed a Five Star Readers' Favorite.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Author Feature: Thom Thomas

 At age 59, it took Thom Thomas over two years to write “…give or take a pebble.” his sequel to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and another year to complete “…give or take a shilling.”  His vision is to write a four volume Krump Chronicles which will follow the Cratchit descendants from 1843 to present.  The premise is:  the ripples of a good deed performed in 1843 will reach shore in the early 21st century.

Thom was born in Central Pennsylvania in the house where his 93 year old mother still lives.  He studied Political Science at Indiana University of Pennsylvania before embarking on a thirty-five year journey through the world of manufacturing management.  He lived in New Castle when “…give or take a pebble.” was published.

His only other attempt to write a story was when he was in seventh grade at Purchase Line High School.  It was a spy novel entitled Sex the X (Sir Elbert Xenon the tenth). It was never finished.

Thom lives now in West Virginia.  He enjoys walking, yard work, and remodeling.

He is presently working on the third book in The Krump Chronicles.
His website is in progress.

Author Feature: Don Achenbach & Ammy Achenbach

Don Achenbach has wanted to be a writer since he was in the 3rd grade, but like many would-be authors, family and career obligations came first, and writing was pushed back to the back burner. When his daughters were young (and money to buy books was tight), he wrote a series of stories featuring a small boy with a vivid imagination named Oliver Toliver just to read to his girls. Years later, daughter Pam (Ammy) helped edit the books, and the Oliver Toliver series was formalized. Don has also written a business philosophy book called The Legend of Zaamtavia. He credits his Industrial Engineering background for adding focus and clarity to his writing. Don graduated from Thiel College and lives in Greenville, PA with his wife, Sue. They have two grown daughters and three young grandchildren.

Pamela “Ammy” Achenbach has published several short stories and essays as well as is the co-author of the Oliver Toliver children’s series. She currently is working on her dissertation on Doctor Who that will examine the role of generations of fandom in science fiction film. She has contributed essays to several anthologies, including Who Travels with the Doctor?: Essays on the Companions of Doctor Who and Time-Travel Television: The Past from the Present, the Future from the Past. In addition to writing, she teaches literature and writing classes at a local community college. Pamela graduated from Thiel College, has two Master’s Degrees from National University and is currently working on her PhD at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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