Friday, July 10, 2015

Author Feature: Gloria Clover


Gloria Clover has lived in western PA all her life, except for those four years in Dallas, TX for university. She's always wanted to write and has been in the business for nearly thirty years. Her first novel was published by Heartsong Presents in 1997. Then she got married.

Two contemporary romances managed to reach publication in the next ten years, but she eventually found her niche writing speculative fiction in a series called Children of the King for Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.out in CA. Starting in 2011, she has written a novel each year, currently working on book 5. Then she had a child.

She also edited Penned From the Heart, a compilation of daily devotions for ten years for Son Rise Publications in New Wilmington, PA. Penned From the Hearts continues into its 20th edition.

Gloria also directs the To Writing Success one day writing conference in Stoneboro, PA every April. She attends Commodore Perry Writers Day with the teens, and works with American Heritage Girls through her local church.

She plans to have a wide selection of books available for purchase, so stop by to chat about books, God, or whatever interests you at the moment.

GClover-WashedUnderTheWaves  GClover-FromTheFrozenDepths
GClover-DealingInShadows  GClover-TheFireStarter

Series Blurb:

The King sends out his children to reclaim the lost islands of the Archipelago of Solumnus. Shrouded from the eyes of the rest of the world over the centuries, the islands have remained hidden except to the few who colonized them—adventurers, seekers, freedom-fighters, prisoners, and those in need of a safe haven.

The isolated peoples of each island have their own history, ancestral culture, and unique deception keeping them bound to their past. From the Roman-based Undae Island caught in the lie that entertainment is the ultimate happiness to the frozen karma-driven island of Dharani to the Egyptian-based Osaze Island encased in physical appearances, each island's people have their own internal and external issues to overcome.

So the King sends his hand-picked princes and princesses to awaken the people of these islands to their generational lies. In the midst of the conflicts and frustrations, these children of the King stir the people's need for and allegiance to the King. The struggle is sweetened by an undeniable love for an island native with whom the prince or princess will rule.

Books available in print and ebook.

Gloria’s Website


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