Thursday, May 25, 2017

About Our Author Features

The blog space on our site is being used to feature authors who have attended or will be attending our book festivals. Author features from previous years will remain on the site, with new authors added as they register for the current fest.

You can find the link to attending author features on the right hand side of the site.

Please Note: The Festival is intended for published authors local to western Pennsylvania. We are not accepting publishing companies or mass market book sales companies in fairness to our authors. We will accept sponsorship from companies that will be listed on our site and our event brochure. See sponsor page for more information.

Author Feature: Arlon Stubbe

Arlon Stubbe loves words and wanted to write from the very beginning. As early as 5th grade, he wrote a play about St. George and the Dragon, and acted in it as . . . guess who?

More reading and writing followed during his career as a Lutheran pastor (41 years of sermons), member of a creative writing group at Penn State - Shenango Campus and creator of op-ed pieces on social issues in three local newspapers.

Nearing retirement, Stubbe turned to fiction, completing poems, producing a small novella and working on full-length novels. In April of 2017 his tenth novel - INTRUDERS - a ghost story set in Philadelphia was released.

Other novels trace the life of St. John Chrysostom, the career and escapades of Nicolo Paganini, a treatment of gun violence that places Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday in Arizona in 2012, and six other works of contemporary fiction. The characters and subject matter vary widely, due to Stubbe's diverse interests - life and relationships in the 60's, journalism, U.S. and world history, various geographical sites, and a lone religious novel that portrays the 'Jesus saga' through the eyes and experiences of the high priest's chief servant - Malchus.

 The “Julie Richards trilogy” — After a tragic love affair (book #1, WPF), Julie attends the U of Wisconsin-Madison seeking a degree in education, and experiences two younger roommates and further discouraging relationships with men (book #2, MS). When she moves to a northwest suburb of Chicago (book #3, BH) she encounters a former Chicago Bulls player who’s hired to coach the high school’s basketball team. She spurns all his advances, but eventually they get together and develop a loving, lasting relationship — despite a number of hardships.

Find Arlon's books on the following sites:

Leana's Books & More (in stock at store)


Barnes & Noble

Friday, July 22, 2016

Author Feature: D.R. Sanchez

Debra R. Sanchez has moved over thirty far. She and her husband have three adult children, four grandchildren, as well as a cat and a dog. She leads and attends various writing groups in the Pittsburgh area and also hosts writing retreats. Her writing has won awards at writers conferences in various genres, including children’s stories, poetry, fantasy, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Several of her plays and monologues have been produced and published. Her other works have been published in literary magazines, newspapers, and anthologies.

Find Debra's work on her Website

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Author Feature: Miles Gregory

Photo by the Author
Miles Gregory is an author of Amish fiction novels. They are both hilarious and a mystery.  He works tirelessly to help his friends in this make believe world. He suffers from a perpetual lack of sleep. But, he is spurred on by a constant supply of strong black coffee.  Miles Gregory's work, in this genre, has received rave reviews.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Author Feature: Kevin Elliott

Kevin Elliott has been writing in various genres for ten years, especially in poetry and fiction. He has self-published several poetry books and a few online articles. Though he has been working on several larger writing projects, The WordCasters (2014) is his first published novel. He runs a small game development business on the side and currently works full-time as a Family Therapist.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Author Feature: William A. Wright and Dale Ann Edmiston

William A. Wright (Bill) and Dale Ann Edmiston (Brave Knight Writers) are a husband-and-wife writing team who live in Slippery Rock. Bill gets the ideas, discusses them with Dale, and writes up the draft; Dale then works on the content and line edits. Havasupai is not their only novel; a second (St. Croix) and third (Paper Alley) are completed and are in the editing process; and a short story (“Hitchers”) is awaiting expansion. They have won awards for flash fiction.

Most of Bill’s inspiration comes from life experience. Havasupai was inspired by his own solo excursion into the Havasupai region of the Grand Canyon, and his interaction with Native Americans. Both Bill and Dale are adventurers who have backpacked and motorcycled all over North America and Europe.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Author Feature: Stephen V. Ramey

Stephen's short fiction has been published in many places, from the Journal of Compressed Creative Arts and MicroLiterature to Daily Science Fiction. He is best known for his flash fiction, some of which has been gathered into his first collection, Glass Animals, from Pure Slush Books. He lives in beautiful New Castle, Pennsylvania with his wife and two reformed feral cats, Yoko and Ono. Find him at while supplies last.

Glass Animals
Pure Slush Books

Glass Animals is one of those rare short story collections where every story is great. Stephen V Ramey takes the reader on wild adventures, with stories that are hilarious, poignant, and powerful. Ramey is a master of the short craft, and he pulls it off whether the story is a half-page or ten pages. Although the stories aren't strongly connected to each other, Ramey's pacing and prose makes this book addictive.: - Nathanial Tower, Edtior of Bartleby Snopes"

Triangulation: Last Contact (editor)
Parsek Ink

Within these pages, you'll discover the dust of Martian civilization, Rumpelstiltskin's true face, Roanoke’s fate, and much, much more. From marmots with computer problems to boll weevils on steroids, from mermaids to cyborgs. You want an endless party? No problem. How about a perfect dewdrop or a Saudi superhero? Lepers defending Jerusalem? Has your love interest eaten a pharaoh? You'll find it all in this impressive collection. 250 pages of speculative fiction! (27 originals, 1 reprint)

Triangulation: Morning After (editor)
Parsec Ink

Triangulation: Morning After is the 2012 edition of PARSEC Ink's internationally acclaimed anthology featuring 24 original short stories from up and coming authors in speculative fiction. What will your Morning After bring? Metamorphosis? A daunting moonwalk? Un-death? An end to eternal night? How about a squirrel in your shower, Jesus in the lobby, a meeting with Mr. Higgs? Green grass, a child of prophecy, Cthulu in your backyard, a menagerie of beasts, a sacred drum? It's all here, and more, in this thoughtful, touching, entertaining collection of 24 original short stories by today's up and coming writers. The long night since Last Contact is over, friends. Join us for the Morning After.

Stephen will have his wife's books at the festival, as well, although she cannot attend this year:

Susan Urbanek Linville received her PhD in biology from the University of Dayton and has been writing science scripts for Indiana University's "A Moment of Science" PODcasts for several years. She has also written non-fiction books, children's fiction, newspaper and encyclopedia articles, newsletters and short fiction. She currently works part-time as Administrator for the Lawrence County Historical Society.

Books available at Festival:

In Hot Pursuit: The Hidden History of the Underground Railroad in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania
Pokeberry Press

The book includes stories about abolitionists and conductors who operated in Lawrence County during the years preceding the Civil War. It also highlights the Free-Black community, the importance of area ministers in rebuking slavery, and the county’s national participation in the fight against slavery.

A School For My Village
Viking Penguin Book Group

Can one person really make a difference in the world? Twesigye Jackson Kaguri overcame tremendous odds as he followed his dream to build a school for AIDS orphans in his village in Uganda. This is his unforgettable story.