Friday, June 21, 2019

Author Feature: Judy Sharer

Judy Sharer: Authoring a historical romance novel has always been a dream of Judy’s, and now writing has become her second career after retiring from education. She devotes a portion of each day improving her craft at her home in the northwestern mountains of Pennsylvania.
     Book one, Settler’s Life, is the first book in her series, A Plains Life. Book two, Second Chance Life will be release in August 2019.
     Living a simple life, Judy enjoys the wildlife and nature surrounding her, a cup of coffee in the morning, and curling up in the evening with her husband and their cat, Miss Kitty.

     Judy also loves to hear from her readers. You can contact her through her website and sign up for her newsletter at

Author Feature: Linda M. Au

Linda M. Au enjoys long walks on the beach—actually, no, she doesn’t. Short walks are easier. She does enjoy typewriters, crocheting, air conditioning, cats, guinea pigs, semi-tame squirrels, “Weird Al” Yankovic, and anything else that fits her adrenaline-junkie life. Her writing time is spent on her humor books and a bunch of unwieldy novels.

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Author Feature: Patricia Miller

Patricia Miller grew up in a small town in Ohio and has worked as a mental health clinical counselor for the past 27 years. She has published 2 novels in a YA Sci Fi Romance Trilogy, “Joshua: Life After Theos,” and  “Joshua: Breaking Free.” Book 1 (Joshua: Life After Theos) has recently been awarded as a finalist in the 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the category of Young New Adult ages 17+ however this trilogy has a fan base from ages 14-75 years of age.

She also writes in the genres of paranormal, romance, mystery, and magic realism. She looks forward to adding novels in the teen paranormal romance and magic realism genres to her publication list as well as the concluding third installment in her award winning YA Sci Fi Romance Trilogy.

When not writing she enjoys hiking/biking weekend trips and indulging in British murder mystery marathons. Follow her on Facebook and @Patricia Miller -Author for the most up to date info on her events and publications.