Thursday, February 26, 2015

Author Profile: Gene Jordan


Gene Jordan lives in Mercer County, Pennsylvania in a historical hotel where Gandy Dancers use to stay while working on the railroad.  He is a former Language Teacher at a local High School, a local businessman at The Hadley Store where he sold archery and hunting supplies, and is a father, husband, grandfather, and writer.

Jordan graduated from Mercer High School and Grove City College and holds a master’s degree from Slippery Rock University.  He was a Fulbright Scholar to Argentina in 1963-64, traveled to Mexico, to Spain, France and England many times, is a lifelong outdoorsman harvesting over 100 animals with bow and gun in a dozen states and provinces.  He is a life member of PSEA, NRA, a senior member of the Pope and Young club, a yearly member of the Rocky Mountain Elk foundation, and a volunteer at the Greenville Railroad Museum.  Hobbies include RV traveling, hunting, gardening, reading, and writing.

Jordan released three books last year.  These title include:

GJordan-OldManandGirlAn Old Man and a Girl

A modern day Lewis and Clark adventure where a Grandfather takes his Granddaughter across the United States learning about history, life lessons, dangers, cultures, and has a surprise ending.



GJordan-ShortStories Short Stories

Tales of love, heartbreak, loss, hunting, and side splitting humor.




GJordan-1763ABoy1763: A Boy

An historical romantic adventure where a boy, Jonathan Mercer, is captured by the Lenni Lenape tribe while delivering messages between the forts along the Allegheny River during the French and Indian War.  This story contains love, war, danger, uncertainty, tragedy, loss, and so much more.  Jordan really pulls his readers emotionally into this amazing tale.

Find Gene and his books at the following places:

Youtube – book trailers

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