About Us

The third annual West PA Book Festival, featuring Western Pennsylvania and surrounding area authors, will be held in beautiful Mercer, PA at Brandy Springs Park on July 22nd, 2017, from 10 am to 4 pm.

The festival came about as the result of an effort to gather local authors to do combined events and in imitation of large and spreading book festivals across the country.

Festival founder LK Hunsaker is a well-established author with 17 books out under two names. She has run an online writer's group for several years, owns her own publishing company where she formats, designs, and illustrates her books, and has plenty of event planning experience, to include hosting a large music-centered fest with a guest artist from overseas that brought people from all over the country to Alexandria, Virginia.

Committee members Rhonda Paglia, Cathy Coulter, Gene Jordan, and Mollie Lyon jumped right in to help with the event. Be sure to find their author features here on the site!

Our authors live in the area between Erie and Pittsburgh, out toward Oil City, and one or two are from just over the Ohio or New York border.

We write in many different genres and have a variety of experience, from new authors to long established authors, traditionally published and indie published.

We are inviting local literacy-related groups to come set up in the big tent and share what they have to offer book lovers and the community in general.

Please join us and help support reading and literacy in the West PA area!

(Our rain date is the following Saturday, but we will change the date only in case of very inclement weather.)


  1. Excited!! Looking forward to this lovely event! Come out and support your local authors!!

    1. I just learned about this group! How exciting. I'd like to join you in the future. Lynda Lambert


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