Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Author Feature: John Frederick

John Frederick’s initial interest in writing was sparked by his high school newspaper and yearbook experiences and it prompted him to pursue Journalism at Penn State University.  But a growing love of nature and his interests in environmentalism pushed him to change his major to Geography.  After graduation, he spent thirteen years teaching Earth and Environmental Science at Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School and ten years coaching their girls' basketball team.

After his basketball team won a second state championship, John wandered into environmental program management, working for his local recycling program and Pennsylvania's recycling professional organization.  Ultimately, the organization produced a magazine and he wrote extensively for the publication and several other environmental journals.  Disappointed that more environmental discussion was not taking place in his local newspaper, The Altoona Mirror, Frederick suggested a periodic column on environmental issues, Earth Matters.  The reborn writer embarked upon his book writing experience about this same time, penning what would become Winding Roads: A Bicyclist’s Journey through Life and America.

Whether via writing or in-person, John loves telling stories and it is because of this tendency that his efforts on a book about his cycling adventures (and misadventures) began a decade ago.  Though Frederick keeps writing, he's certain he'll run out of time before he runs out of stories. 

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