Sunday, July 17, 2016

Author Feature: Ronald K. Myers

Whether American novelist Ronald K. Myers, is remembering the brutalities of being beaten when he could scarcely walk, being outweighed and outclassed in the boxing ring, or dying and coming back to life, his writing reveals things we could not have expected.  His varied life experiences are reflected in his writings.  When he’s not swimming, fishing, or at a writer’s meeting, he can be found in Sharon, Pennsylvania, reading and writing.

Before Double Dragon Publishing of Canada began publishing his novels, Myers had written numerous short stories and nine novels.  He claims finally getting published is a thirty year overnight success. His genres include:

Futuristic/SF novels:

Stay On the Blue Grass shows us why pig people must stay on the blue grass and allow the rat-tailed Pygmies to work their magic.

A powerful forewarning, The Orange Turn gives us a glimpse of what happens when pig people do not.

In Pygmy Wars a knee-high pie pygmy’s father is killed, the fluffy-tailed pie pygmy searches for a safe place to live, but cannibalism creates a disease that causes pygmies to go mad and eat every living thing.


In Dillinger’s Deception, Al Capone is supposed to be in prison, but he is in the Green Parrot Tavern arranging a deal with the FBI that includes John Dillinger.

Impossible Gold
is a masterpiece, where young meet old. Blondie and the trio from Dillinger’s Deception are a little older and a little wiser. But can they avoid car bombs, cross raging rapids of the Shenango River, or survive surroundings like the machine gun turret protected Jungle Inn Casino and win the battle for impossible gold?

Humorous/Historical Fiction/Horror:

Based on Myers’ childhood, I’m Gonna Cut Your Ears Off takes us under a pall of pollution.  Here, the lure of steel mills and alcohol have replaced God, and adolescents struggle to free themselves from, child molesters, gang members, crooked cops, and sickos who use puppies for baseballs.

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