Thursday, April 16, 2015

Author Feature: Daisy Beiler Townsend

DaisyTownsendDaisy Beiler Townsend had a life-long dream of being a writer and published her first story in 1981. Since then her work has been published in Guideposts, The Upper Room, The Secret Place, New Man, Christian Home, and many other Christian periodicals. Now she has written a devotional book that is filled with personal experiences of God speaking to her through the common, every day happenings in life. This has resulted in a deep homespun faith that is shared in many practical ways in her book, Homespun Faith, Reflections on the Seasons of Life.

In addition to writing, Daisy is also a certified pastoral counselor, and along with her husband, Donn, she served with One Mission Society as a missionary in Japan for a total of four years, besides five other short-term mission trips to Japan between 2001-2011. They live in Greenville, Pennsylvania and have three children and five grandchildren.

Homespun Faith, Reflections on the Seasons of Life
can be found locally at Leana's Books (Shenango Valley Mall), M & M Groceries, Fresh Grounds in the Sans Moco area (both in Greenville), and is also available online as an eBook and paperback.

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